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تاجر مميز

In our article today, we will discuss a critical topic: the steps of wudu.
This step is one of the essential steps of prayer; without proper wudu, the prayer is not complete.
Here we will talk about the importance of wudu and how to do it in steps, and we will tell you everything related to wudu.
Wudu Steps:
Learn all you want to know about wudu and steps of wudu with Quranis life:
Before we talk about wudu steps, we will discuss the meaning of wudu and its importance.
Wudu meaning:
Wudu means washing certain parts of the body with certain steps and a specific arrangement with the structure of worship and prayer, and its purpose is to purify yourself in meeting with God in prayer, and you are pure.

Importance of wudu:
Wudu is a prerequisite for the validity of the sentence.
It is not permissible to pray without ablution, as the Messenger of God, peace and prayers of God be upon him, said:
(The prayer of one of you is not accepted if he falls ill until he performs ablution), as it is required to follow the steps of wudu.
It is not permissible to take any step of wudu on top of the other.
Wudu Steps:
Here we will tell you how to do wudu step by step:
How to do wudoo?
You must do the correct niyah for wudu and prayer, after which the basmalah (in the name of God).
You should wash the palm of your hand three times.
And the third step is to rinse your mouth three times.
And then comes the step of inhaling into the nose three times.
You should wash your face three times from the hairline to the chin and from the right ear to the left.

Wash your hands up to the elbows three times,
since one of the essential steps of wudu is to be in order, starting with the right hand.
Then the step of cleaning the head and you have to do it three times and you can also do it once.
After that, clean the ear, as long as this step is done three times, maybe once, but preferably three times.
The last steps of the wudu to pray in order is to wash the feet up to the heels three times.
and as stipulated, wash your hands starting with the right hand.
It is one of the most critical steps of the prayer method in detail and arrangement to start off on the right foot, with the need to wash between the toes.
After completing the ablution, you can say:
"I bear witness that there is no god but God, alone, without a partner, and that Muhammad is his servant and his Messenger, O God, make me of those who repent and make me of those who purify themselves."